Ruby The Ribbon Fairy - The Ribbon Shortage

Type: E-books
Ruby, the Ribbon Fairy, is the queen of Valentine’s gifting! Who else can create the perfect bows and ribbons for all your loved ones on this special day? She has been hard at work, making beautiful ribbons from her home in the chocolate factory. But as much ribbon as she has made isn’t enough for all of her customers, and Ruby isn’t sure if she can meet their demands in time for Valentine’s Day!

Join her magical journey to find enough ribbons and bows for everyone in ‘Ruby The Ribbon Fairy: The Ribbon Shortage’. Written with enchantment and full of adventure, this captivating story will guide your children through the importance of a little bit of extra effort. With questions to help them analyze the story, they will better understand just what it takes to spread love during this special day.

Your family will be whisked away into a world where the determination is celebrated and kindness awards reward more valuable than any gift! This book offers something beyond the usual fairytales with its beautiful lesson while still offering up an exciting story. Check out ‘Ruby The Ribbon Fairy: The Ribbon Shortage' today and explore a world full of generosity, caring hearts, and creative problem-solving!