Magical Fairy Easter Ornaments

An Exclusive Digital Download by Teelie Turner! What a great project for the family, birthday party, DIY, Easter Project and end up with a beautiful Fairy Easter Egg Tree to celebrate Bunny Day! Add your special touches to make this DIY project unique just to you. I love ribbon so I added colorful ribbon, branches with twigs and Easter eggs as well as happy Spring flowers! My photo is featured below-I would love to see how you decorate with your “Magical Fairy Easter Eggs" please share your photos and I will feature them on this website and also on our social media. I cannot wait to see them! Happy Creating!

The 32 Ornaments You Will receive:   (Please double check I have the correct count of Ornaments please)
  • 3 Hope The Easter Basket Fairy
  • 2 Gigi the Chic Magical Easter Fairy
  • 2 Felicia The Book Club Fairy
  • 3 Eliza The Easter Fairy
  • 2 Gigi The Chic Magical Fairy In Pink
  •  2 Felicia The Book Club Fairy In Yellow
  • 2 Pirate Pete(#1 Best selling Book)
  • Baby Dinosaur, Bunny, Joey (Teelie Turner's Puppy)
  • Baby Dinosaur and Cute Bunny
  • Mushroom House with Baby Dinosaur
  • Hope The Easter Basket Fairy In Her Easter Basket
  • Adorable Easter Bunny Holding An Easter Egg
  • Henry the Duck ( Was Teelie Turner's Pet Duck)
  • Beautiful Basket Full Of Spring Flowers
  • Sweet Smiling Bunny With Easter Eggs
  • Bunny With Bird's nest Full Of Easter Eggs
  • Sweet White Bunny Peeking Out From Grass and Spring Flowers
  • A Loving Mama Bunny And Baby Bunny
  • A Colorful Easter Basket With bunny Ears and Easter Eggs
  • An Easter Egg House (So Cute)
  • Adorable White Bunny Holding An Easter Basket