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Amazing Easter Cupcakes With White Bunnies, Orange Pumpkins, Carrot Tops, Oh No!


🐥🐇🐤Step into a confectionery dreamland with our Amazing Easter Cupcakes, where every bite is a fantastical frolic through a whimsical wonderland of flavors! Adorned with the cutest of white bunnies, mischievous orange pumpkins, and the greenest carrot tops you've ever laid eyes on—each cupcake is a sprinkle of magic perfect for your fairy garden festivities or miniature dollhouse banquets.


What You will Receive~Your Choice Of:

* A little white bunny sitting on a green frosted cupcake

* A green cupcake with a white bunny face

* A green/white striped cupcake wrapper, with white frosting, an orange pumpkin on top

* A chocolate cupcake with an orange carrot top sticking out on top

* All offerings come with a material Table topper and assorted Easter scatter

**The table, instant fairy garden, and Easter sign are not included in this offer**

Ideas for use:

  1. Create a cute centerpiece display on your dining room table

  2. For your fairy garden

  3. Place in a terrarium

  4. Great for a dollhouse

  5. Super cute miniature for your collection

  6. Create a display for your coffee table

  7. A perfect sweet gift for that special someone 

A special Thank you gift from me to you :)

Fairy Hugs and blessings!

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