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1:12, Iaada's Miniature Japanese Hot Pot Dish, Miniature, Dollhouses, Fairy Garden


Iaada's Miniature Japanese Hot Pot Dish ❤️❤️🍲🍲🍲❤️❤️

Try adding this miniature hot pot dish Sukiyaki to your dollhouse or fairy garden to add an enticing look to it.

Here is what you will receive:
* Ceramic dish with meats and veggies
* Pink paper fan
* Fabric Table Topper
***These are the items offered here***

Iaada Visits Japan
I’ve recently been on a trip to Japan where I had the chance to visit a Japanese tea garden. It was stunning. While I was there, I wore the traditional kimono. It was a beautiful dress. I was there in time to enjoy the Japanese cherry blossoms. They are beautiful and fragrant. I enjoyed lots of sushi while I was there and also got to try several popular Japanese desserts like Anmitsu and Taiyaki.

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