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What is an Instant Fairy Garden?

An instant fairy garden is an incredible activity that has numerous benefits to it. Since it is an instant digital download, you don’t have to wait to enjoy it.
  • Family Fun

Get hours of enjoyment out of creating an instant fairy garden. It’s a great project for the entire family.

  • DIY Project

This do it yourself project lets you use your creativity to make the fairy garden that you dream of.

  • A Fairy Garden For All Occasions

There are numerous fairy gardens available in Teelie’s Digital Shop for you to choose from. You can choose a fairy garden that centers around a fairy that you love or a holiday like Christmas or Easter.

  • Have a Fairy Garden Party

Creating instant fairy gardens are an incredible idea for celebrations like birthdays or a garden party.

  • Easy Storage

Instant fairy gardens are easy to store and can be reused over again.

Meet this blonde, green-shoed, polka-dot-wearing fairy who’s up for the most colorful Easter task in the Kingdom, along with her small class of artists, her adorable magical bunny artists, and even one very clever Easter duck more than willing to make this holiday an enchanting one.

Eliza The Easter Fairy

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Hope is about to tell you about the magic of Easter and creating Easter themed fairy gardens. In this book you’ll learn how I was able to help a little girl named Kiara to create an amazing Easter fairy garden one Easter morning.

Hope The Magical Easter Basket Fairy

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