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Snack Bar and Beverages

Welcome to Fairyland! Here in this land of enchantment, snacks and beverages are essential for happily ever after.  And now, with these perfect miniatures from  in Fairyland, you can make sure your fairy garden, dollhouse, instant fairy garden, and miniature scenes always have magical nibbles and drinks to tantalize the taste buds of even the most discerning fairies. With options ranging from enchanted cookies and cakes to deliciously creamy milk shakes and frothy hot chocolates, our snack bar and beverage items bring a whole new level of magic to your little projects. Let your imagination run wild as you whip up volcanoes that erupt with bubbly sodas or imagine giving a super special tea party full of sweet treats like cupcakes topped with brightly colored sugared sprinkles. The possibilities are endless! Make the most of fairy-tale fun when you stock up on snack bar and beverages from Oh in Fairyland today!
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We don't want to give too much away just yet, but at Fairyland we are hard at work on a brand-new collection of breathtaking miniatures! They're sure to be unlike anything you've ever seen. Be sure to stay tuned for more magical surprises from Fairyland!