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The Woodland Instant Fairy Garden Will Make You Smile

The Woodland Instant Fairy Garden Will Make You Smile

The Woodland Instant Fairy Garden Will Make You Smile

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital Shop. We have a magical adventure in Fairy Land planned for you. We’re going to be exploring the Woodland Instant Fairy Garden and also learning how we can enhance the magical experience. This event is sure to bring a smile to your face as it is filled with enchantment.

The Magical Fairy Woodland Forest Instant Fairy Garden

The Magical Fairy Woodland Forest Instant Fairy Garden is a digital download. It includes sixty-four enchanted designs that you can cut out and use for your garden. This means that there are endless options for your creativity. Instant fairy gardens are great options because they provide hours of family fun but can also be an activity that one can do by themselves. They’re also easy to store and are low cost. This instant fairy garden includes butterflies, trees, deer, raccoons, squirrels, Aerenee the Forest Fairy and several other magical cutouts. Learn more here.

Clarence The Wood Chopping Gnome

You can also add miniatures to your fairy garden if you’d like to enhance your experience beyond the cut outs that are provided for you in the Woodland Instant Fairy Garden. One option is to include Clarence the Wood Chopping Gnome. Clarence has a lot to offer when you invite him into your instant fairy garden including bottles of fairy dust, a sign that will point you in the direction of the forest, castle or stables in Fairy Land, a pet white rabbit, a royal pet frog, assorted jewels, a grassy mound, and some mushroom toadstools. Complete details are available here.

Colorful Mushroom Toadstools

You may want to include additional mushroom toadstools to your Woodland Instant Fairy Garden. This colorful selection can be a great place to look. You can see the complete assortment here.

 Adorable Black Hedgehogs

Additional forest animals are another great option for enhancing your Woodland Instant Fairy Garden. They can bring lots of smiles to your face. These black hedgehogs would love to be part of your Woodland Fairy Land adventure. Meet them here.

Enchanted Unicorns

Adding some enchanted unicorns to your Woodland Fairy Garden can add to the magic of the beautiful forest that you’re creating. These unicorns are available in various colors but are flying to their new homes quickly. Learn more here.

Aerenee The Forest Fairy™ Cap

You can also enhance your Woodland Instant Fairy Garden experience by adding to the magic and getting into character. Aerenee the Forest Fairy is available on several items in her collection of merchandise. You might decide to wear this cap with her image on it while you create. Find the cap and all its options here.

Aerenee The Forest Fairy™ Sticker

You could use the Aerenee the Forest Fairy Sticker in your sticker book to keep track of how many magical instant fairy gardens you’ve created. You could also use them as party favors if you host an incredible party with friends or family to work on your Woodland Instant Fairy Garden. The stickers are available in various sizes with different finishes. Full details are available here.

Aerenee The Forest Fairy™ Greeting Card

You can use this adorable Aerenee the Forest Fairy greeting card to invite friends or family to attend your amazing Woodland Instant Fairy Garden party. Getting fun mail is sure to make your guests smile. Find the cards here.
Thank you for spending time with us. When you create your Woodland Instant Fairy Garden, we hope that you’ll share photos with Teelie’s Digital Shop. We love sharing the magical experience with you and hope that it will bring you hours of delight.
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