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Stunning Posters That Keep Christmas Alive For The Year

Stunning Posters That Keep Christmas Alive For The Year

Stunning Posters That Keep Christmas Alive For The Year

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re going to be exploring a gift that could keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year. We’re going to look at eight posters that can be digitally downloaded and gifted so that the receiver can change the poster for various seasons. And, these posters are only some of the many options. Browse our complete options to put together your perfect package based on the recipient’s favorite colors and personality.


You can also enjoy our magical video by clicking on the photo below.



Felicia's Sparkle Santa Hat Poster

Start your gifting package with a magical Christmas poster. Felicia the Fairy Book Club Fairy is featured on all our posters as she is the ambassador for Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club. There are several magical Christmas designs with Felicia including this one with Felicia and the Sparkle Santa Hat. The design in the blog’s cover photo is another enchanted option with the Christmas fairy garden. Learn more here.


 Felicia's New Year's Sparkle Magical Poster

After Christmas, it could be time to enjoy this enchanted New Year’s Sparkle Poster for the entire month of January. Felicia looks fantastic in her champagne colored dress next to a glass of bubbly. Learn more here.



Felicia’s Valentine Wrapped In Love Poster

Next celebrate the month of February wrapped in love with one of Felicia’s fantastic Valentine’s Day posters. This particular option is filled with beautiful hearts and flowers. As digital downloads, these gifts can be easily assembled for your loved ones and best of all, the recipient will think of you all year as they look at their poster of the month/season. Learn more here.



Felicia's Over The Rainbow Poster

Be over the rainbow in love with a gorgeous poster for St. Patrick’s Day. Felicia is wearing a beautiful green dress with shamrocks on it and is surrounded by a rainbow and pot of gold. We’ll hope that March can be a lucky month for Felicia and the recipient of this enchanted poster. Learn more here.



 Felicia's Bunny Surprise Poster

The end of March or April depending on when Easter falls during the year is the time to be amazed with lovely shades of pink, bunnies, and flowers. This Felicia’s Bunny Surprise Poster has everything you need to have a magical Easter. Learn more here.



Felicia's Butterfly Love Poster

Felicia’s Butterfly Love Poster is wonderful for spring and summer. With its enchanted navy blue background and the flowers, butterflies and books in the design, the recipient of this poster is in for a special treat. Learn more here.



Felicia's Thank The Flowers Poster

This incredible poster with its beautiful orange background and Felicia in an orange and yellow dress surrounded by flowers and books is a great choice for late summer and autumn. Each poster is filled with incredibly magical elements. Learn more here.



Felicia's Magical Bird Love Poster

Felicia’s Magical Bird Love Poster is a great option for anytime during the year. The design with the vines and birdcage is stunning. It is filled with fun and magic. It is a great option for brightening a space. Learn more here.
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