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Sail The Magnificent High Seas With Pirate Pete

Sail The Magnificent High Seas With Pirate Pete

Sail The Magnificent High Seas With Pirate Pete

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re going to be spending time with Pirate Pete as he adventures the high seas. Pirate Pete has many enchanting items in his collection of fun sea-faring supplies and we’re going to take a sneak peek at some of them.

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure

Enjoy the magical book series that Teelie Turner wrote about Pirate Pete. This is the first book in the series. Join Pirate Pete on the seas as he is joined by some incredible assistants like fairies and mermaids. They set out to rescue a lost fairy treasure. Learn more here.

Elegant Pirate Treasures Galore

Discover magnificent treasures that Pirate Pete might have found in the lost treasure chest. You can use these items to add some magic to your pirate scenes. We have several options available including silver candlesticks, a white enamel egg, a crown, a ball,  and some gold and silver bars. Learn more here.

Digital Downloadable Pirate Pete Instant Fairy Garden

Create your own magnificent sea-faring adventure with Pirate Pete’s instant fairy garden. This digital download will allow you to cut out all the accessories that you need for your adventure and enjoy hours of fun with Pirate Pete and his pirate pals. There are seventy accessories in this instant garden. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete Fairy And Friends Party Prop Pirate Dolls

Enjoy hours of playtime with Pirate Pete and his friends. These party prop pirate dolls are designed to allow you to create your own enchanted pirate shows and more. There are a total of five dolls in this fun sea-faring digital download. Learn more here.

25 Pirate Pete Fairy Digital Download Party Props

There are twenty-five incredible party props in this downloadable set. Invite your friends over for a fabulous pirate party and enjoy dressing up using your favorite pirate props. Included in this set are an eye patch, pirate hats, beards, a map, and treasure chest. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete's Pirate Ship Digital Download

Download your own magical pirate ship and enjoy it as part of your pirate adventure. A sea-worthy ship is necessary for a pirate adventure. Enjoy the magic of Fairy Land and Pirate Pete with your own ship. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete Pirate Signs Digital Downloads

Fabulous pirate signs can also be part of your pirate fun. Download these magnificent signs, and use a toothpick or other small stick to be able to mount them. You can also add a layer of tape to them to increase their sturdiness. We recommend printing them on a thicker paper for maximum fun. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete's Pirate Island Digital Downloadable

Add a magnificent island to your Pirate adventure. This way you can take a break and explore and search for lost treasure. Learn more here.
Join us again next week. We’re going to look at some amazing activities that we can enjoy for Easter.
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