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Magical Christmas in July Instant Fairy Garden

Magical Christmas in July Instant Fairy Garden

Magical Christmas in July Instant Fairy Garden

Celebrate Christmas in July with a magical and enchanted instant fairy garden from Teelie’s Digital Shop. A complete Fairy Land experience is waiting for you. This is a brief look at how you can celebrate Christmas in July and have a magical and interactive time doing it.

Fairy Merry’s Magical Instant Fairy Garden

Instant Fairy Gardens are extremely magical and have many benefits including being affordable, a DIY craft, educational and a wonderful activity to do one on one or as a family. They are also easy to store, and you receive them instantly as a digital download. We are sharing the Fairy Merry instant fairy garden. It features over 147 fun and magical elements including fairies (Fairy Merry, Douglas and the Sugarplum Fairy), fairy houses, furniture, bells, trees, Santa and Mrs. Claus and a magical assortment of other wonderful holiday accessories. The instant fairy garden can be built in its entirety, or you can build several smaller instant gardens, or just use some accessories and save others for another time or use them in another instant fairy garden that features some of our other magical fairies. Complete details are available here.

Fairy Merry’s Magical Instant Fairy Garden

A Magical Christmas Story

You can meet the characters that are featured in the magical instant fairy garden in Teelie Turner’s magical Christmas story titled ‘The Fairy Merry Christmas.’ The book’s description reads, “It is time to enjoy a magical adventure at the North Pole where Fairy Merry lives. She loves to return to Fairy Land for a visit, but her home is at the North Pole where she has an important job as a Christmas Fairy. As you read ‘The Fairy Merry Christmas’ you’ll have a chance to discover even more secrets about the magic of Christmas and the close connection that Santa and the fairies have. You’ll also learn about one special Christmas where Fairy Merry helped a fairy named Dougie who had been assigned to the North Pole, but he hated Christmas. The Fairies love it when the magical storytellers read them this book and hope that you enjoy it too. The illustrations are extremely magical and the fairies love looking at them over and over.”  We are sharing the link to the eBook as this would allow you to instantly receive a copy, but it is also available in other formats including as a paperback and hardcover. Learn more here.

The Fairy Merry Christmas eBook

Fairy Merry’s Enchanted Paper Doll Collection

Teelie Turner also put together an enchanted paper doll activity book which is available here. You could even add the paper dolls to your instant fairy garden to have Fairy Merry doing a multitude of different activities. The description reads, “Meet the Fairy Merry paper doll collection. Fairy Merry lives at the North Pole and her job as a Christmas fairy is very important to the success of the season. But Fairy Merry also loves the chance to play in the snow, decorate Christmas trees, spend time with reindeer and attend magical parties. That is why she needs to have an extensive wardrobe. Fairy Merry wants you to be her stylist and dress her up. She hopes that you’ll enjoy these six stunning outfits. Each comes with a little story as to why she owns those clothes, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on social media about her stunning and magical paper doll collection.”

Additional Scenery

You can also add miniatures to your instant fairy garden if you want to have some additional elements. One option is to add some extra scenery. We are sharing a set of white and green Christmas trees that would look cute in the Fairy Merry instant fairy garden. More information is available here.

Enchanted Sweet Treats

Fairies absolutely love sweets so adding some treats to your instant fairy garden is something that your Christmas fairy friends will absolutely love. We have chosen to show you the red and white macaroons. You can find them here.

Fabulous Fairies and their Pet Friends

You can never have too many fairies or their pet friends in your fairy garden. The more the merrier when it comes to a fairy celebration. We met Nick, a fairy boy, and his dog Fluff. They are ready for Christmas in July and hope that you’ll spend some time with them. See them here.

Adorable Fairy Merry Coasters

To add to your magical Christmas in July celebration, Fairy Merry also has several incredible pieces of merchandise that can be used in your fairy garden or as part of a party surrounding it. Instant fairy gardens are great activities that can be done at birthday parties or family gatherings. These adorable Fairy Merry and the magical snowman coasters are available in a set of four. You can either incorporate the coaster into your fairy garden or use them on a table around your instant garden when you’re sipping a beverage and creating. Possibilities are endless. You can find the coasters here.

Cute Fairy Merry Stickers

Having party favors is another fun way to celebrate Christmas in July. We are sharing the Fairy Merry and the matching candy cane stickers. They come in various sizes and finishes. Complete details are available here. Several other party favors are also available including magnets and pin buttons.

Fantastic Fairy Merry Décor

You can also use Fairy Merry’s wide selection of artwork to decorate for Christmas in July. This will help incorporate your holiday décor and your instant fairy garden into your home’s amazing look. Pictured above is the Fairy Merry and the matching candy cane art board print. Several other sizes and formats including posters are also available. Learn more here.

Versatile Sugar Plum Fairy Apron

Aprons are also great when it comes to cooking, crafting, painting, and gardening. Hosting a Christmas in July party and creating an instant fairy garden can touch on many of these activities. There are a number of different aprons in Teelie Turner’s amazing Christmas collection including the Sugar Plum Fairy apron. The Sugar Plum Fairy is featured in Teelie Turner’s book ‘The Fairy Merry Christmas.’ Discover the aprons here.

Thank you for taking the time to discover the magic of Fairy Land with Fairy Merry and her enchanted friends. We hope that you’ll have a wonderful time creating an instant fairy garden, playing with paper dolls, reading about Christmas fairies, and celebrating the enchantment of Christmas in July. Your fairy friends wish you the very best for this magical season.

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