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Celebrate Easter With Really Amazing Digital Downloads

Celebrate Easter With Really Amazing Digital Downloads

Celebrate Easter With Really Amazing Digital Downloads

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital Shop. We have numerous amazing digital downloads that you can enjoy for Easter. Today, we’re going to share eight of them with you. 


Magical Fairy Easter Baskets
This incredible digital download will allow you to instantly get twelve unique and original Easter baskets that you can cut out and assemble. There are so many fun ways that you can use these Easter baskets including as a craft with friends and family or at an Easter party. You might incorporate an Easter egg hunt into the same day so that it is extra special. Learn more here. 


Magical Fairy Easter Ornaments

Want to create an incredible Easter tree? We have some magical Easter ornaments that were created for you exclusively by the Teelie Turner team? They’re absolutely stunning and include some of our favorite Easter fairies like Eliza and Hope. In total, you’ll be able to download and assemble 32 stunning ornaments. Learn more here. 


You can learn more about Hope in this magical video.



Magical Fairy DIY Easter Handbags
This digital download gives you the opportunity to create six enchanted and unique handbags for Easter. It’s a great way to spend time with friends. You can talk about Teelie Turner’s magical books at the same time. Gigi the Chic Fairy is one of the featured fairies on these handbags. Gigi has an outfit for every occasion. Learn more here. 


Magical Fairy Easter Plates, Boxes, And Baskets

This incredible digital download brings you tons of great value and opportunities to make an amazing Easter celebration. There are fifty-two pieces included that include Easter plates, boxes, and baskets. It’s time to download this kit and get to creating with your friends and family. Learn more here. 


Let The Magical Easter Parade Begin!

Create your own magical Easter parade with these unique party props from Teelie Turner. With this digital download, you’ll receive thirty-four colorful options including Easter bonnets, Easter signs, bunny noses with whiskers, Easter wigs, Easter eggs and so much more. Learn more here.


Magical Fairy Easter Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Fairy Picks

Our digital downloads will also take you on an adventure in culinary creations. These magical fairy Easter cupcake wrappers and picks will give you the opportunity to create some gorgeous treats to serve to family and friends, as well as enjoy yourself. Hope the Easter Basket Fairy, Eliza the Easter Fairy and Gigi the Chic Fairy are all showcased in these stunning designs. Learn more here. 


Hope the Easter Basket Fairy Paper Doll!

Hope the Easter Basket Fairy now has her own special paper doll to celebrate this special holiday with. Download and cut out the Hope doll and clothing to help the perfect outfit for Hope’s amazing adventures. Learn more here. 


Hope The Easter Basket Magical Fairy Houses

Download and put together three enchanted fairy houses for Easter. Your fairies which come with this download need a place to live, and these houses are the perfect way to enhance your magical surroundings too. Learn more here. 


Thank you for spending time with Teelie’s Digital Shop. We want your Easter celebrations to be extremely magical. With less than a month before this enchanted holiday, it’s time to start enjoying the magic.  

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