Welcome to Teelie's Magical Fairies. Explore and discover Fairy Land through enchanted eBooks, party props, instant fairy gardens, bookmarks and other downloadable products which have been prepared for your magical enjoyment.
Bundle And Save With Exclusive Deals From Teelie's Digital And Miniature Shop

Bundle And Save With Exclusive Deals From Teelie's Digital And Miniature Shop

Bundle And Save With Exclusive Deals From Teelie's Digital And Miniature Shop

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. We have many incredible options on our books and posters where you can bundle and save. Join us to learn more. 


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You can bundle and save on Teelie Turner’s Amazing Fairy Books. When you purchase two e-books, you receive a third one for free. Or you might opt to take a subscription to Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club, in which case you’d have the opportunity to receive a new eBook each week and over twenty bonuses at an astoundingly low price. Let’s take a look at a few of the magical titles that are available to you.



Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy

Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy is about Sugarsnap’s work as the Valentine’s Card Fairy and the incredible fairies who help her along the way. You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about Sugarsnap’s work and the magic that she makes happen along the way. Learn more here.



The Enchanted And Unusual Fairy Land Dragon Adventure

In this brand new book release by Teelie Turner, Join Tommy Tinker as he works to find the right dragons to help with some special tasks for this year's Autumn Festival in Fairy Land. The theme is dragons and what better way to make the theme even more magical than could be imagined, than by having the dragons help out in incredible ways? Bubba the Baker also has some special treats planned for this amazing festival and tests them out when the dragons are assembled so that Tommy can use his magic to pick the right ones to help out for this amazing celebration. Learn more here.



Arcenciel: The Magical Rainbow Fairy

Did you know that Arcenciel means rainbow in French? In this magical and fun fairy tale story by Teelie Turner, find out about the work of Arcenciel the Magical Rainbow Fairy. The book is magical and also has beautiful illustrations. Learn more here.



Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan The Fairy Farmer

Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan The Fairy Farmer is the enchanted tale of Jonathan the Fairy Farmer as you get to spend time with him on the farm. Since he knows you’re a true fairy believer, he’s willing to tell you who he really is, and about some of the magic he can perform. He also shares how he disguises himself when someone who might not believe in fairies visits the farm. Learn more here.



There are many beautiful posters available in Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. The posters are available as digital downloads and look absolutely amazing with Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy on them. When you purchase two posters, you’ll save 20%. When you buy three posters, you’ll get one for free.



Felicia's Butterfly Love Poster

Felicia is the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy. She is the ambassador for Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club. One of her incredible posters is the Felicia Butterfly Love Poster. It features an incredible frame, a lovely dark blue background and Felicia surrounded by books, butterflies, and flowers. Learn more here.



Felicia's Magical Easter Bunny Poster

Felicia’s Magical Easter Bunny Poster is one of several beautiful options with Felicia on them for Easter. This one has a pretty lavender background. Felicia is holding books, and some bunnies are at her feet. Learn more here.



Felicia's Over The Rainbow Poster

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Felicia’s Over The Rainbow Poster has a rainbow, pot of gold, and Felicia in a dress with shamrocks on it. She also has incredible shoes and jewelry. Learn more here.



Felicia's Valentine Romance Poster

This incredible Valentine’s poster with an enchanted pink background, hearts and Felicia sitting on a pile of books is a gorgeous poster option for the season of love. Learn more here.
Join us again next week. We want to show you several do it yourself products where you can enjoy the magic of Fairy Land.   
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